Bee-Z-Smoker is Proudly Made in the USA

Is the Bee-Z-Smoker right for me?

Whether you have 1 hive or 1+ thousand hives, the Bee-Z-Smoker will do the job for you safely and consistently for many years to come. No more lighting fires, no more bellows. In 15 seconds you will be into your hives! The only smoke we are blowing is “Cool Bee Smoke, Without the Choke”™. In fact, the Bee-Z-Smoker will probably be the last bee smoker you will ever need to purchase.

How does the Bee-Z-Smoker work?

The Bee-Z-Smoker smolders the wood shavings using a patented heat element contained in the smoker can. This produces great amounts of smoke without the heat buildup of a conventional smoker that uses fire to generate smoke. The near-silent blower fan located in the handle, pushes the “Cool Bee Smoke” out of the can spout. In the time it took to read “how it works” is how quickly you would be in your hive. In fact, most people start the Bee-Z-Smoker as they are walking toward their hives and upon reaching the hives, the Bee-Z-Smoker is ready to go. Multi tasking at its best!

How long does the Bee-Z-Smoker last on a charge?

We have seen many people get more than 200 hives ‘smoked’ from a single charge. If you have multiple hives in satellite locations, simply plug the supplied charger into a common car inverter and top off your battery between bee yards. A fully charged battery will still be ‘fresh’ in 30 days.  The life span of the battery with average use is about 4 years.

Why should I purchase the Bee-Z-Smoker?

After using the Bee-Z-Smoker for a few times, you will easily see the value added in NEVER having to light your smoker again.  You will be confident knowing the Bee-Z-Smoker is always at arm’s reach, only a few seconds from always making “Cool Bee Smoke, Without the Choke”™.

As seen on the Martha Stewart Show

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